Friday, December 11, 2009

House No 13

House No 13 was a super hit movie directed by Baby. This Horror movie has bagged success without any famous faces.

Takhur Pratap Singh (Anil Dhawan) enters into a haveli without inquiring about the past about it. A old man in the family experiences a some strange thing in his room like cloudy mirror. No one believes his words and enjoys with the beauty of the building. Later every one in the family faces some horrible situations. Finally they comes to know that, they are in the hand of death. No way is there to escape from the building. How they survived ? who is behind all these unnatural things is the suspense till the end.

Sharat Saxena
has appeared in a key role. Varalakshmi, Leena Nair and Reeta Badhuri were the other lead cast.

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